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The CH Team

Creative Heist is an against-the-grain agency that helps businesses and brands grow through forward-thinking marketing, creative strategy development and contemporary design. 

We started CH with one goal, to disrupt the "agency" industry and provide ordinary businesses with an unordinary experience. We refuse to comply with vanilla design requests and boring marketing, and we focus on the people we work with, as much as the product itself. 

Here you can meet some of the core crew members that make Creative Heist what it is. We also work with a comprehensive portfolio of creatives around the globe, to ensure our content is always unique and this approach enables us to deliver original design, with a well cultured and global perspective.

Co-Founder / Head of Content
Charlie Britton
Charlie Britton Creative Heist

Charlie, AKA The Safe Cracker, started Creative Heist at the start of 2020 with his business partner, Robbie. Together they have built an agency that rejects vanilla design and focuses on impactful solutions for real businesses and real people. Charlie's focus is content driven, ensuring design expectations are smashed and the visual impact is lasting. He ensures we crack the code every time, unlocking your brands potential and changing the face of your business across digital channels and beyond. Without Charlie, we'd be left head butting the safe door, wandering why it isn't bloody opening.

Co-Founder / Head of Development
Robbie Hamill
Robbie Hamill Creative Heist

Robbie, AKA The Inside Man, is the guy to go to about all things Heist related. Robbie's game is business development, ensuring that our clients are well informed and up-to-date at all times and the CH plan is always moving in the right direction. This enables us to plan and execute every Creative Heist efficiently and effectively, and Robbie guarantees an inside perspective for every project. The Inside Man guarantees our plan's strategy and without Robbie, we wouldn't know where the jewels are kept or how to get to them, resulting in excessive screaming and 20 years to life.

Globe Network Lights Global
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Beyond these guys is a collective of international creatives from graphic designers to SEO experts and more, who help build our clients brands and content from the ground up. Get in touch with us to see how Creative Heist can transform the face of your business across the digital landscape.

Head of Strategy
Dean Cracknell
Dean Cracknell Creative Heist

Dean, AKA The Planner, is the man behind the visuals, the backstage crew who make sure the show runs smoothly. Dean focuses on Strategy Development and Campaign Management, implementing unique and tailored Creative Heist strategies to ensure targets and goals are smashed. Think of Dean like the man who plans the heist and measures its success, ensuring key factors are met. Without him, you're left with a bunch of creatives in balaclavas accidentally pressing the panic button themselves.

Graphic Designer
Patrick Kray

Patrick, AKA The Old Timer, is our head Graphic Designer. With a huge portfolio of gleaming design and imagery behind him, Patrick has the skills to produce practically anything, ensuring every Creative Heist client receives only the best original graphic design and visual content. Being The Old Timer, we rely on Patrick's experience to guide us through each heist, otherwise we might find ourselves behind bars before we can say  "Put your hands in the air... Like you just don't care!"

Illustrator / Designer
Cara Hudson
Cara Hudson Creative Heist

Cara, AKA The Counterfeiter, is our in-house illustrator, with a wealth of design experience. Not only does she own her own clothing and accessory brand, Cara has also had features in print magazines, showcasing her talent in digital illustration. Cara really can turn her hand to any style, beautifully conveying brands stories within the visual content. Without Cara's illustration skills, we'd be attempting to steal the Mona Lisa by replacing it with a badly drawn stickman... We really don't think the security guards will buy it.